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Mainframe Tape Specialist and Project Management

Christensen Storage Systems Tuning, Inc., a Texas Corporation, is owned and operated by Lloyd Christensen. Lloyd has 20 years experience in managing mainframe disk and tape storage systems including five years as a member of StorageTek's Professional Services group and two years sub-contracting for IBM implementing IBM tape automation solutions.

  • Implementation of Oracle/StorageTek automated tape libraries including 9310 Powderhorn, 9740, SL3000 and SL8500 models.
  • Implementation of Oracle/StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager(TM) virtual tape products including remote libraries, clustered, and bi-directional clusters.
  • Implementation of Oracle/StorageTek Cross Tapeplex replication.
  • Migration from NCS (HSC, SMC, ExLM) to Enterprise Library Services (ELS 7.0)

  • Implementation of IBM 3494 and Virtual Tape Servers.
  • Implementation of IBM 3485 Library and Encryption enabled 3592 tape drives


  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP # 505868)

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